Plain chocolate digestives are my favourite.   And cake is always welcome.

Who's Tina Biscuit?


Well, it's me, Madge.  But I like the thought of us having a cup of tea and a biscuit, see?

I've been doing websites since 1999.  It started with my own business, Consensus Mediation. Then it sort of snowballed. Now I do sites for people who see the "by Madge"  logo on other sites, those who find this site, and people I just happen to like.  This isn't all I do, but it's one of my favourite jobs.

I like sites to feature well in Google - there's no real magic despite what expensive SEO marketeers say -  it's about having a site relevant to what people are looking for.  And that comes from listening to the people who know their own business - you.   It's all about people, really.  Which is how it fits in with my other work; but that's another story.

Have a look at the portfolio - if you think I could help give me a shout.

BTW, that photo's not very old.  Honest.  But the biscuits haven't helped of late ...



  • Wordsmith
  • Patience
  • Experience
  • Snacking


Thank you very much indeed, you have done a great job. It looks brilliant. Now we have an on-lineĀ presence of which we can beĀ  proud

- Jan, Milestone Society

The site is too good and too available! We've been inundated already. I think we'll be paying you to do a web site that puts people off next year!

- Sarah, Brook Farm


Goostrey Rose Festival

  • Scrolling news
  • Picture Gallery
  • Transparent navigation bar

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Consensus Mediation

  • 150+ page site
  • Site-specific search engine
  • Picture carousel

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  • Clear, modern, style
  • Image gallery
  • 6 page expandable site

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The Crown Inn

  • Local pub site
  • Menus
  • Interactive directions map

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Sally Yonge Interiors

  • Interior Designer
  • Picture Gallery
  • Click-through images

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The Milestone Society

  • National Charity Site
  • Expandable
  • May include database

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Anthony Glaister, Mediator

  • Professional individual's site
  • Multiple menus
  • Compact yet detailed

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Brook Farm Christmas Trees

  • Small Farm site
  • Click and scroll images
  • Interactive directions map

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  • Regional Association
  • Clear, open style
  • Expandable

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Xmas Cards


Good question.  I do one nearly every year - a Christmas card for my friends.  It just seems a bit more fun, and personal, than sending one out of a box.  Maybe it's just me who's out of my box.  But I am inordinately proud of the results.  Sorry.

Giraffe Flap

2004 - Giraffe Flap Blueprint

Essential for anyone who seriously intends
to keep giraffes.


2006 - Cracker Jokes

Some of them a tad colourful.


2007 - Furrbook

I'd just found Facebook. This one is for cats.


2008 - Christmas Explained with Maths & Music

Whelks, wormholes and Auntie Betty.

TV Times

2009 - TV Times Special Edition

Nobody ever notices the football in the von Trapp family team photo.





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